Mythbusting Botox: A Dental Miracle

Botox in dentistry has taken over the media in the last few years. With a strong history and tradition in cosmetics, Botox has entered the dental field in flaming glory. With so many benefits, pros and cons, and information on the web, it’s essential to gather the facts and make an informed decision. For example, Oak Hollow Family Dentistry offers you the highest quality Botox in Draper, Utah!


Myth #1. Botox is Immediate

False! Botox is a subtle miracle worker that provides gradual results within 3-5 days. As Botox affects muscle movement and helps them relax, it takes time for results to set in. Full effects kick in around 7-10 days. 


Myth #2. Botox is Permanent. 

False! Botox is not permanent- which doubles as a pro and con. On the bright side, it’s much easier to experiment with Botox because of its temporary nature. On the other hand, we must reapply Botox for consistent results. While time varies from person to person, Botox generally lasts 3-6 months. 


Myth #3. Botox is Only For Women. 

False! Botox is for anyone looking to reduce wrinkles, improve their appearance, and boost their smile. The only difference is that men have stronger muscles, which requires a higher dose of Botox to reach desired results. 


Myth #4. Botox is Painful. 

False! You’ll hardly notice unless you consider a small pinch hazardous to your health. Because Botox injections use smaller needles than other injections, it’s unfair to compare Botox to other injections. It’s also possible to numb the treatment area using a cold pack or anesthetic gel. 


Myth #5. Botox is Addictive. 

False! There are no addictive ingredients in Botox. The only thing addictive about Botox is the mind-boggling results! According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Botox is the most requested nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in America- with over 1.5 million treatments annually!


Myth #6. Botox is Unsafe. 

False! While it’s easy to think botox is unsafe because it contains botulinum toxin, it’s completely safe. We create Botox with a purified protein from the botulinum toxin. Botox is FDA-approved and safe for public use. While mild side effects may occur at the injection site (bruising, mild redness), these are temporary.


Myth #7. Botox is Only Good for Wrinkles.

False! Botox is a miracle treatment that has numerous benefits. It can treat dimple chin, soften the jawline, lift eyebrows, and more. For example, Botox can relieve migraines as it relaxes the muscles and can even address TMD. 


Myth #8. Botox Causes Wrinkles to Worsen After Treatment

False! Remember, Botox isn’t a permanent solution. Botox doesn’t permanently alter your wrinkles for good or worse. Over time, treatment will fade, and wrinkles will resume their previous look. 


Myth #9. Botox Makes You Look Frozen.

False! A frozen face only occurs with improper treatment. Botox treatment looks natural, younger, and more attractive when moderated in this way. Experienced professionals know exactly where and how much Botox to use. 


Myth #10. Botox is Used Only When Wrinkles Manifest

Fales! Botox is highly versatile in its usage. It’s common for us to use Botox as a preventative method that can train your muscles to reduce certain expressions and reduce wrinkles in the future. 


Botox in Draper, Utah

If you’re looking for high-quality Botox treatment in Draper, Utah, look no further! Dr. Hoffman and our team of experts specialize in giving exceptional results around the clock. With the most advanced technology available, we keep our team up-to-date on the latest techniques and studies to ensure that you can enjoy long-term results for years to come. 

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