Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry in Draper, Utah

We help your teeth stay healthy and strong at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry through preventative dentistry. This type of dentistry is used to maintain the health and function of your smile. Procedures included in preventive dentistry are x-rays, dental cleanings, dental exams, sealants, and fluoride. For more information about preventative dentistry, keep reading.

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Who Needs Preventative Dentistry?

Everyone is a candidate for preventative dentistry and should participate in its benefits. Preventative dentistry can help maintain and protect even the healthiest of smiles. At Oak Hollow Family Dentistry, we recommend patients visit the dental office every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. In addition, at those appointments, we may offer dental sealants or fluoride treatment for extra dental protection. 


Dental Cleaning

The registered dental hygienists at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry will scrape and scale your teeth to clean them. These methods help remove plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth. This build-up leads to the breakdown of your gums, teeth, and bone, which can lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay.  

Dental Exam 

Usually, a dental exam begins with the golden rule in treatment planning, helping meet the patient’s chief complaint or why you came into the dentist. You may have come into the office for a sore tooth or missing filling. Dr. Hoffman may ask you a few things during the dental exam for any updates on your general health, medications, or oral health. This will help him get a better understanding of your overall health to treat your oral health better. 

Next, the exam will begin. The dental exam contains four parts: physical exam, soft tissue exam, periodontal (or gum) exam, and x-ray analysis. Have you ever wondered why your dentist takes your blood pressure? It is to help get a better understanding of your overall health and find out how that may affect your oral health. Next, your dentist will observe your head and neck structure. Then, the dentist will move on to the periodontal exam. 

Periodontal (Gum) Exam 

Dr. Hoffman will observe the soft tissue structures of the mouth and your gum health. This is the periodontal part of the exam. Dr. Hoffman is looking for inflammation, tooth mobility, and rolled gingival margins, which is a bump at the bottom top of your gum line. These could be signs of periodontal or gum disease. As gum disease progresses, a pocket forms between your teeth and your gums. This pocket can fill with debris and bacteria leading to further gum disease.  


One way we protect teeth at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry is through dental sealants. Your teeth have natural grooves and pits that make them more susceptible to bacteria build-up and decay. To prevent this, Dr. Hoffman will place a dental sealant or a liquid composite resin, similar to plastic, to cover and fill in these grooves and pits. Dental sealants have been used by dentists since the 1970s and are recommended by many professional organizations such as the American Dental Association. 


Like dental sealants, fluoride is used to protect the teeth from cavities. Fluoride protects teeth by strengthening the enamel of the tooth. This is the protective layer of the tooth. With stronger enamel, it is harder for bacteria to break down the tooth and create decay, leading to cavities. 

At Oak Hollow Family Dentistry, our goal is to help improve the health and function of your smile. One way we do this is through preventative dentistry. For more information on preventive dentistry, call our office.

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