Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy in Draper, Utah

Our gums play a vital role in the overall health of our smile and physical health. When our gums get infected it is called periodontal disease. To treat this, we encourage our patients to undergo periodontal therapy personalized to their specific case. 

At Oak Hollow Family Dentistry in Draper, Utah, we encourage our patients to take all preventative dental measures that they possibly can to help prevent any dental issue from occurring. Not only does performing consistent oral health care such as professional cleanings keep our teeth healthy and bright, but they also help to maintain gum health. Our teeth are only as healthy as the gums which hold them. 

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Periodontal Disease

When we fail to keep our teeth clean through brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist, plaque, a sticky white substance, builds up along the gumline of our smile. If left unremoved, plaque hardens into tartar and can start to infect the gum tissue. 

Once the gum tissue has been infected, a minor form of periodontal disease called gingivitis begins. With gingivitis you will experience red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Please schedule an appointment with us if you are experiencing any symptoms. Gingivitis is the very beginning stage of periodontal disease and can be reversed if caught quickly. 

If not taken care of, the disease and infection will increase, which will cause gum recession, gum loss, or even tooth loss. 

Periodontal Therapy

If your periodontal disease is caught early enough, it is treatable with different therapy options. Below is a list of periodontal therapy treatments that we offer that can work for either gingivitis or further, more serious stages of the disease: 

Periodontal Maintenance

Getting your teeth deep cleaned by a hygienist will help remove any loose plaque or tartar. Removing the debris from your teeth will, temporarily, prevent more build-up.


A sharp dental instrument called a scaler is used by the hygienist or dentist to scrape off any build-up that doesn’t get removed by cleaning. The scaler is used to remove the build-up on the tooth and at the gumline.

Root Planing

Root planing is removing the plaque and tartar from the root of the tooth under the gumline. This promotes healing and possible reattachment of the gum tissue that was separated from the tooth due to the disease.

Periodontal Therapy Appointment

Here at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry, we take periodontal disease and periodontal therapy very seriously and do all that we can to help our patients. We encourage each of our patients to take preventative measures daily, and to keep an eye out for swollen or distressed gum tissues. Not only does this disease damage your oral health, but it can also cause serious bodily health issues. 

Please give us a call to schedule a visit with us immediately if you notice that you are suffering from periodontal disease. We are located in Draper, Utah, and love to serve anyone in the surrounding areas.