Bridges & Overdentures

Bridges & Overdentures

If you are missing multiple teeth from your smile and have been looking for ways to restore it, you are in the right place! At Oak Hollow Family Dentistry, we offer many tooth restoration treatments and procedures that can replace your teeth in the best way for you. Two of our most common teeth restoration treatments are dental bridges and overdentures. 

Each of these restoration procedures is used to replace teeth differently, so please continue reading to learn more about what each one is and how they can benefit you. 

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Bridges are personalized restoration pieces made to replace a row of two or more teeth by using custom-made artificial tooth crowns. With a traditional bridge, the bridge is anchored on two surrounding natural teeth. The anchors provide stability and support for the artificial bridge. 

It is possible to have a dental bridge anchored onto dental implants, making the restoration more permanent. Implant-supported bridges may be an option if the bone and surrounding tissues in the area requiring replacement are strong and have not deteriorated. 

If you still have a majority of your teeth but are just missing a few in a row, a dental bridge could be the best restorative option for you! 



Traditional dentures are full sets of artificial teeth and gums that are placed on the natural gums for stabilization. These types of dentures are removable but can cause slippage while speaking and eating. Luckily for denture patients, there is a more permanent solution to get your full smile back with overdentures. 

Overdentures are the same as traditional dentures in their design and purpose of giving a patient a full set of teeth, but they differ in how they are placed into the mouth. To start the overdenture process, dental implants are surgically placed into the patient’s jaw bone. These particular implants will work with a customized denture like a “ball and socket joint” for the prosthetic to be removed when necessary. Implants will prevent the denture from moving or shifting, and will add stability and retention. 

Not only do overdentures provide more stability, but the implants will also prevent facial-contour deterioration. Traditional dentures can often cause premature aging and facial bone loss due to no stimulation occurring from chewing and talking. Overdentures will effectively fill the gaps in your smile and prevent bone loss.

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Our dental professionals at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry in Draper, Utah, are highly trained and have perfected restorative treatments such as dental bridges and overdentures. We can assure you that our artificial teeth restorations are the highest quality and best price available.

Each artificial restoration that we create is guaranteed to fit perfectly in your mouth and blend in with your natural smile. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation with our dentist today.